How To Get Started Racing

So how can I get started racing, you may ask yourself. Well there are several ways to get "on track".

Open Track Days (OTD) and Bracket racing is the quickest and least expensive way to experience driving on a real race track. Generally, we recommend starting with an OTD, as you'll get more coaching and track time than you will with a bracket race. It's a better way to work your way up to driving fast on track safely. Neither of these events require race prepared cars — just good safe street cars are eligible. Of course if you have a modified street car that you want to try out, that is fine too.

To get a racing license (Waterford Hills or SCCA) you will have to go through Drivers School which is held every spring before the racing season opens. You will need to have a car that can pass technical inspection based on SCCA rules (which require a roll cage in all cars) as well as an approved drivers suit, helmet, and Hans device. Rental cars are available by some WHRRI members. Once you complete drivers school, which is two separate weekends, you will have a novice license to race in wheel-to-wheel competition at any WHRRI event. Once you complete your novice requirements, you can race in the Michigan/Ohio/Indiana area SCCA events as well.

If you already have a racing license from another recognized sanctioning body — e.g., SCCA or NASA — you can enter any WHRRI racing event you want to attend. You do not have to be a Waterford Hills member.

So, after reading this outline, we encourage you to read through the Waterford Hills website thoroughly — including this lengthy forum post. You should then have a pretty good idea of what it takes to get into our road racing culture as well as what you'd be getting yourself into! If you are on Facebook, there are lots of things to see and read about our club there too. And finally, the public is invited to all membership meetings.