Open Track Days

Waterford Hills is a 1.5 mile track located in Clarkston, Michigan with elevation changes and challenging corners to provide a thrilling ride for everyone from novice to expert. There are NO SPEED LIMITS on the track! This is the place to see and learn what you and your car can really do!

Waterford Open Track Days are open to all makes and models. Any street car that can pass a simple safety inspection can participate. Convertibles require a roll bar, or factory rollover protection. SUVs are case by case (A high center of gravity and high speed turns usually don't mix!). The only specialty gear you need to run is a Snell 2005 or newer helmet.

New-comers to the Track Day experience are provided detailed instruction on Track Etiquette and safety. Instructors are available at no extra cost to show you how to navigate the track and improve your driving skills. For the intermediate and advanced drivers we limit the number of cars on the track, and group them by time and skill to give you as much open road as possible!

We now have helmets!

Waterford Hills now has over 30 helmets of various sizes available at the track! New to the sport? Here's a way to really make sure you like it before you invest in some hardware.

Please feel free to contact with any additional questions. Further information and discussion is also available in the OTD Forum.