Points FAQ

How are points awarded?

Per the club's Rules and Regs (see downloads for authoritative reference), the following chart is used to award points based on finishing position and the number of cars in class.

What races count towards Class and Overall Championships?

Points from all three races of each club racing weekend are used to determine class and overall championships.

I see a few people with 13 points in a race, how is that possible?

One bonus point is awarded each time a driver breaks a track record in a race.

I broke my track record in May, but I did not receive my bonus point.

Track records can be difficult to keep tabs on and can occur without the pointskeeper noticing. If your record can be verified by Timing and Scoring, you will receive credit once you bring it to the points keeper's attention.

The results from the Saturday Class Race in June were wrong—can you give me the points for what I say happened, rather than what is shown on the results?

No. Points are tabulated from OFFICIAL race results, as supplied by Timing and Scoring. Any mistakes that are not corrected during the PROVISIONAL stage will be included.

Jane Doe DNF'd in AS during the Sunday Class race from July—why does she have 0 points in AS class standings, but 12 in overall?

A driver who has entered as a dual (or multiple) entrant may not earn double (or multiple) points towards the Overall Championship. Points toward the Overall Championship shall be kept by season totals earned in an individual class. A driver may be ranked in the Overall Championship Standings only once. In the event that a driver has competed in multiple classes, that driver will be ranked in the Overall Championship Standings based on their highest season total of points accumulated in only one class.

Why am I listed at the bottom of the class standing with "#N/A" next to my name and "###" in the total points column?

Your WHRRI membership and/or license are not up to date. Drivers must be Waterford Hills members in good standing and hold a WHRRI competition license to earn points.

I won all three races that I entered this season and have the most points in the class—why am I not listed as Class Champion?

Drivers must have competed in at least half of the races during the year to be eligible for either a Class or Overall Championship.

Joe Schmoe had the most points in my class, but was not eligible because of the half-the-races rule—shouldn't I be listed as Class Champion?

If the points leader is excluded from championship eligibility because they did not complete the minimum race requirement, the championship will NOT be awarded—it does not simply move down to the first eligible driver.

How are ties broken?

Ties in the final points standings are resolved by counting the number of first place finishes by each driver. Second and third place finishes can further be used to try to break ties. If the tie is still not broken after counting first through third place finishes, the two drivers will be considered tied for the championship.