Attention in the Paddock!, Attention in the Paddock!

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Attention in the Paddock!, Attention in the Paddock!

Post by jpintar » Tue May 07, 2019 8:11 pm

Well, race Weekend #1 done!
Just a few things to pass on. First, a very big thanks goes to Danny Kellermeyer. He came out Monday afternoon with his John Deere 750 w/turf tires and rolled over the entire swamp paddock area until it was all flat again. Then he lightly ranked it. Help like this is a very big thing. The swamp paddock was a mess after the weekend.
A few other things. Jay P, AS track record? (nice job!) Robert L, first win! (nice job) Nick A, taking out the pit lane caution light! (nice shot) John B. All his "A" sedans started w/o a jump pack on Sunday's feature race! (nice job).
Work on the pavilian project is moving along fast. Trusses are on order and should be showing up soon. Tom, our carpenter is going to need a few good people willing to help install these things. Our friends at Interlake Landscape may show up with a bucket truck to help get them up there if needed. There's still curb painting to finish up on the track. These tasks can done on the weeknights. When we get some warm dry weather, I'll be calling for volunteers, so stay tuned.

Jerry Pintar
Track Manager

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