Attention in the Paddock. Special Sunday Night Trophy News.

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Joel Hershoren
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Attention in the Paddock. Special Sunday Night Trophy News.

Post by Joel Hershoren » Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:50 pm

In no order, so please read the entire post.
This will be the final year for Cynthia and I for Sunday Night Awards. Please, if you have the interest to carry the task next year, approach Cynthia for input on the task. My part is easy, show up and read off names. :) It's an important tradition since year one , i would hate to see it die.

NOW, for the very important news.
With the passing of Randy Smith.
Lord how he loved his trophies.... ( and he earned every one of them )
Kathy and I have the privilege of helping Jenny take care of the material possessions of Randy, and things Jenny no longer wants and needs.
The fact this was Randy's demand/request makes it special for us personally.
Instead of selling Randy's trophy collection one by one at an Estate Sale, ( only to see them carved up into re-purposed stuff ) , It was suggested to Jenny that we let them live again and forward. Jenny gave me approval to do so, as we all think Randy would have really liked this.

SUNDAY NIGHT. post Race Weekend # 1
First trophy night of the year, let's see if we can get the head count in the room like the days when the sport gave us north of 100-125 cars. ( not entries )

We will award trophies from the Randy Smith collection, and a weekend ribbon/medallion as well.
It's not out of question that a 4th place would get a First Place from Randy, along with the token of the weekend
We will be going much deeper in the fields on the larger head count classes ( Miata, A-Sedan, T-1,, ) AND , all one car classes will get a trophy too !
For sure there will be many FIRST TIME folks getting a trophy, for sure even some right out of school.

Remember the first time your name was called to get a trophy ???
Bring your crew. Come get your trophy,,, avoid the announcer and crowd scorn for not showing up :)
Buy a volunteer a cold beverage.

With luck, Jenny will feel up to it and join us.
Let's help her heel, and let's honor Randy a way he would like. A full, noisy, laughing room.

Be there.

Bruce Race
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Re: Attention in the Paddock. Special Sunday Night Trophy News.

Post by Bruce Race » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:40 am

Great idea!!!!!!! Bruce MacDonald

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Re: Attention in the Paddock. Special Sunday Night Trophy News.

Post by stevesteeb » Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:04 pm


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