Vintage F.A.Q. #5 Media and Photographers

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Joel Hershoren
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Vintage F.A.Q. #5 Media and Photographers

Post by Joel Hershoren » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:30 pm

Of course , both are always welcome.
Due to very limited paddock space ( we call it an " intimate" paddock )
We cannot offer paddock parking. We do however offer a constant and quick shuttle service from parking to paddock thru out the day.

Photographers are simply asked to allow us free use of photos as desired for future promotional use. If course we credit the photographer as requested.
Chief Steward has final say of locations permitted for use by photographers. For safety of course, not because he is a mean guy .
Note if taking photos in controlled areas, you must wear long pants, closed toe shows, and Green vest ( as supplied by us, please return it ) .
Again all photographers using controlled areas must have Chief Steward approval .

Media is encouraged to contact myself or Kay Bliem for credentials . We just like to know you are coming to join us.
Joel @ 248-854-749six or

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