your championship points

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your championship points

Post by surratta » Mon May 07, 2018 12:05 pm

2018 points will be updated soon. they'll be posted here:

you'll also find a list of active WHRRI competition licenses on that page. this reflects the latest info in the membership and licensing database.

a reminder: if you are competing for a WHRRI class championship, you must hold an active WHRRI competition license. so... if your name isn't in that list of active license holders, you will not be receiving any points you thought you earned this past weekend. could there be a mix up in the record keeping? yep. whose responsibility do you think it is to make sure that gets corrected? any guesses? did you guess "the licensing chairperson"? wrong. did you guess "timing and scoring"? wrong. did you guess "registration"? wrong. did you guess ""? wrong. should I go on?

if there's a mistake that needs to be corrected, is it too late to collect your points from race 1? you can find the answer here: ... _final.pdf
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