FC tires free - used but still rubber left

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FC tires free - used but still rubber left

Post by 924RACR » Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:41 am

Bought new beginning of the 2017 season; not worn out, but heat cycled at least 20 times. Could do the job for school or testing.

20.5 x 7.0 - 13 front (2)
22.0x9.0 - 13 rears (2)

Both R35B; approx 1/2 tread depth left. Money back guarantee... ;)

Last stop before the scrap pile, just in case someone can get some use out of 'em.

I'll have them at the banquet tonight (since they're just taking up space in the back of my van till they get to the scrap pile)... otherwise I'm in Royal Oak, or can meet up at work in Novi. Probably going to the scrap pile within a week...
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