New to OTDs with questions

Questions and information about upcoming Open Track Days
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New to OTDs with questions

Post by DetRedWingsFan » Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:42 am

New to open track days and have tried to read everything on the forum relating to OTDs and the Rules.

Have Snell SA2015 helmets. Car is an 2005 SRT-4 with performance tires and brakes and some other upgrades. It is not a daily driver but is being setup for OTDs and Autocross. Battery is mounted in the trunk in a box and both the battery and box are secured to the trunk floor. It has a quick release steering wheel.

Two of us will be sharing the same car for OTDs.
In the rules, it says "Vehicles may be shared by up to 2 qualified drivers. " So we were thinking we could share by either riding together and alternating who drives (pitlane swap?) or alternating for each session?

I see that you can have a passenger on the Novice/New to Waterford low speed drive but what about after that? Especially with an instructor?

How is the 74/75db sound limit measured? I'd like to make sure that we meet the requirement before arriving at the track.
If I cannot confirm meeting the requirement beforehand, could I bring the car to the track on a day before an OTD to verify?

How long are the Sessions for HPDE-1 and how many?

When does registration open for the Open Track Day events? How to get notified?

For OTDs, do the cars have to have numbers?
If yes, what size? Are Magnetic Decals acceptable? Are Vinyl Decals acceptable?

Is there anything else regarding car setup that I should be aware of, what is permissible, what is not?

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Re: New to OTDs with questions

Post by ADPWL1 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:28 am

I can answer a few of these....

Two Drivers, one car... having a passenger in the car isn't allowed during sessions, unless that passenger is your assigned instructor. As for sharing, you both need to register and both would get equal time in the car. They would put you both in different run groups, this is a lot easier if you are at different skill levels, but if both are beginners, you might want to inform them of that, could be a challenge.

Sound... Its measured on the back straight, so if you think you are over, you might not want to go full throttle down the back straight.

If I remember correctly, they shoot for 4-6 sessions, each 15-20min. You will run with others at your same skill level.

Looks like OTD registration is open, check the main webpage

No need for numbers. Because its OTD and not racing, no other requirements other than a working safe car.

Its been a few years since I did OTD but I don't think much has changed. I'm sure someone will speakup if I misspoke

Have fun!!
Andy Pawlowski
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Re: New to OTDs with questions

Post by Brian » Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:18 pm

Thanks Andy, your memory was pretty darned good!

2 drivers can share 1 car, but it's pretty hard on the car (especially the brakes).
You would both need to register, and IF you're both relative novices, we would likely put one in White group and the other in Yellow.
No pit lane driver swaps ;^D
We do number every car (with markers) but if you have your own then by all means bring them, since the corner workers will appreciate them.
Some SRT-4 owners like to run on the street with NO mufflers, but we REQUIRE a commercially available muffler be in place on ALL participant cars.
Depending on how the day goes, you will certainly get 3 sessions and quite possibly even plenty of track time.

Hope that helps!
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Re: New to OTDs with questions

Post by DetRedWingsFan » Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:42 am

Thanks for the information. Looking forward to the OTDs at Waterford.
We do have a muffler on the SRT-4.
We are both novices so one in White Group and one in Yellow.

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