Open Wheel w/o license at OTD

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Open Wheel w/o license at OTD

Post by toolo4sno »

I have a general question about signing up for a WHRRI OTD in my Formula Enterprise. I do not have a license yet, but I do have 4 OTDs under my belt in the car.

What do I need to do to be able to sign up for a WHRRI OTD in the FE? I use a HANs device and have arm restraints as well.
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Re: Open Wheel w/o license at OTD

Post by Brian »

I believe that when we have an Open Wheel Group (OTD #1) it's only for Competition Licensed drivers, in full race gear.

A FE would be a fun car at Waterford, but other than going through our annual Spring Driver's School and racing with us, I don't think there are many instances (outside of the occasional Autocross) to play with it here.
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