Vintage Weekend August 4-5-6 News and info,,,

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Joel Hershoren
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Vintage Weekend August 4-5-6 News and info,,,

Post by Joel Hershoren » Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:09 pm

After a long delay for various reasons Vintage registration is indeed, FINALLY open. ... ces-096296

More than ever, we need some faces in the crowd to step up and pitch in, so our paying guests have a great time.
Above a normal club weekend needs ( and they are always there )
Vintage also need shuttle drivers , grounds clean up and care.
This year with changes on the grounds , i expect needing help for parking .
Note also Cynthia cannot attend that weekend, so the swag shop ( now known as Turn 9 ) will need bodies to help.
NOTE that is the best weekend for that dept of the club.
It would be grand to have more faces help in Timing and Scoring , and Tech on Thursday and Friday.

This year, our theme/feature is local boy makes good Vic Skirmants.
Vic started racing at Waterford back in the sixites, and is still a force on and off track to this day.
We hope Vic's invited customers and friends offer a nice offering of Porsche 356 and the like.
How nice will it be to have a half dozen or so of Bath-tubs playing at Waterford one more time ?

Again, this is a real call to arms for your club.
I am sure work bees will be in the offering to pretty the old girl up one more time.
Even B.A.C.A ( bikers against child abuse ) is planning a work bee.
GREAT ! Let's make sure our members out number their great and needed/welcome gesture!
Plenty of places to help out in and out of the sun, before, during, and yes, even after.
questions ? ask, message me, or call-- 248-854-seven four nine six.


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Re: Vintage Weekend August 4-5-6 News and info,,,

Post by JohnEichholz » Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:48 pm

Hi Joel,
I'd like to work a corner for Vintage practice on Friday. What are the hours for track being hot?

Turn 1 John

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Re: Vintage Weekend August 4-5-6 News and info,,,

Post by Brian » Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:39 pm

Hey T1J 8)

The Friday hot track hours are listed as 11am-5pm.
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