April General Membership and Comp Board Meetings ARE CANCELLED & further WHRRI information updates

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April General Membership and Comp Board Meetings ARE CANCELLED & further WHRRI information updates

Post by Franz » Sat Mar 21, 2020 12:00 am

Dear racing enthusiasts, members, and volunteers; we are in a unique time window.

The leadership of the club is watching the developments of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and actively considering scenarios to best safely run track and racing operations in 2020.

With all of our events typically attracting attendance of more than 50 people, government mandate preempts us from holding these events in our normal fashion.

The 2020 WHRRI board held their first "virtual" meeting on March 18, 2020, using internet and phone. The board members agreed that we need to keep you informed of decisions on quickly coming events. As we are receiving, basically daily updates and adjustments in what is allowed; a firm decision on the event status is not yet clear. The board showed large agreement, that sharing a decision on event status, with 2 weeks-in-advance-notification of the event, is our target to all participants, members, and volunteers. Open Track Days (OTDs) and Drivers School Classroom are our first car events in focus. There have already been necessary cancellations of bicycle event rentals, which occur earlier than our first car events.

Along with proposals on how to run events safely, the board and event leaders, are considering possible alternatives for key events, in particular, for drivers school. Concepts have been shared on how activities could be conducted remotely, or with recordings, or on other later suitable dates.

Related news and events include - the Oakland County Sportsmen's Club (OCSC) 2020 officer elections. OCSC is in shut down. The gates are locked and the office is closed.

The OCSC 2020 officer elections and will wrap up at the first OCSC General Membership Meeting which is held, after the stay at home orders are lifted. Timing is open, as to when this meeting will be possible. The open elected position is for trustee - with Brad Jackson and Jerry Tiberg as the candidates. We encourage you to share your voice and vote for the candidate that best represents you and the club. Absentee ballot voting was closed as of the March 25th, 2020 deadline.
OCSC is planning that anyone that has not voted absentee, will be able to come to the first/next general membership meeting and vote in person.

Waterford Hills Road Racing remains shut down for any type of events. If you have an essential task that needs access to the facility, you will need to make arrangements with Jerry Pintar, to coordinate access for low risk individuals to have the gates opened for the necessary access. You can reach Jerry on our website: http://www.waterfordhills.com/contact.html.
NOTE: you will most certainly be questioned or challenged, and asked to confirm the essential nature of your needed visit to the facility.

The April General Membership Meeting and Comp Board Meeting ARE CANCELLED, within the spirit of our by-laws and consistent with Michigan Governor Whitmer's executive order EO 2020-21. Coordination efforts, in lieu of the meetings, can be made with phone calls, emails, forum posts, ...

Without the General Membership Meeting in April to submit your membership documents in person, anyone who has not already renewed for 2020, please mail your documents to Curtis Easterling, so you do not get caught by the late submission deadline of May 6, 2020. Note: in the event, that we do not have a May General Membership Meeting, the Director of Licensing and the Board would likely extend the late submission deadline.

The WHRRI Board and Leadership will keep you updated, as the possible options for our events become clearer, with many dates approaching quickly. Planning the events, when permitted, to be safe, with risks minimized to people involved, is our first priority; with communication, and minimum disruption being key secondary goals.

Franz Lieder
President, on behalf of the board and club leadership and members

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