Sept 15th The Village Workshop Car Show

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Sept 15th The Village Workshop Car Show

Post by 2BWise » Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:47 pm

Who is looking for something to do in a little over a weeks time?  I'm helping out The Village Workshop in downtown Northville with their annual car show (known as the Makers Auto Faire). The event takes place on Saturday September 15th from  9am to 4pm (come and go as you please) at their shop in downtown Northville.  It takes place during the Northville Heritage Festival, so there is an entire street festival going on right around the corner.  The Workshop be having live music, beer tent, car show, and open house during the day and in the mean time the entire downtown of Northville has vendors, entertainers, live shows (generally more child centered), and other historical events.  If you've not been the the Heritage Festival before it is a tribute to the Victorian era and the founding of Northville.  So, if you're looking for some entertainment for the day follow the link below, register, and come out on and as a byproduct you'll be helping me out as well.

It's centered around a facility that has been built as a maker space and as such they're hugely interested in custom stuff, project cars, and race cars. This isn't where you'd necessarily show your Concours quality vintage-mobile rather where you'd bring that track car fabbed in your garage with a MIG and a tube bender. It's for the home built and custom fabricated and most of those I know at Waterford have either built or significantly modified their current track and racecars.
Just because the track is closed for paving doesn't mean it's yet time to put your racecar away for the winter.

Registration is being totally waived so enter MAF18 during the registration process and you'll get in for free.  Plus they're having a $100 raffle, so you might be lucky enough to get paid to come out. ... faire.html

Hope to see you there!

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