E.J. Faasen Dies at 91

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E.J. Faasen Dies at 91

Post by r.ranville » Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:57 pm

My son called me to draw my attention to the M-Live obituary. He leaves his wife of 67 years, 9 children, 27 grand children, 31 great grand children and 4 great great grandchildren. After two interviews, he invited my wife, to whom he took a shine, upstairs over the office to see his most prized possession. He flipped over his shoulder at me "you can come to". It was a panoramic picture over the fire place in the immaculate personal residence of his extended family.

He told a lot of stories over the years about Grattan's transition from drag strip to road course. The one he told me was that the NHRA told him they couldn't come back because the run off area was too short; and he had had some exposure to road racing. So he took a jeep and a thermos of vodka and orange juice, turned right at the end of the drag strip, and everywhere there was a tree too big to run over there's a corner on the road course.

It is a cliche, a bromide, to say they don't make men like him anymore. What makes it a cliche is that it is true.
You might as well go fast; it'll go by fast anyway.

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Re: E.J. Faasen Dies at 91

Post by Brian » Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:52 am

Thanks for posting this info Dick, as well as the personal story of your interview with him.
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