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Post by surratta » Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:34 am

are you a current or past member of Waterford Hills? if so, it would be very helpful (for me anyway) if you'd update your profile with your member number. once you do so, and if your membership is up to date, you will have access to the Clubhouse forum, which is restricted to current members and where internal club discussions take place. if you're unable to make it to the monthly club meetings, this forum is the best place to keep up on clubstuff and have a voice.

to enter your member number, click on "User Control Panel" above, then "Profile", and at the bottom of that form, there's a field called "WHRRI Member Number".

once you've done this, if you don't already see the Clubhouse forum, send me a PM or email and I'll get stuff sorted out.

thank you for your attention. you may now move freely about the cabin.
Andrew Surratt, Resident Troll

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