What happens on a race weekend?

Most of the competitors actually arrive and set up their equipment in the paddock on Friday afternoon, and some participate in the on-track test session. Others arrive in the evening for their set up. The public is welcome to come by and walk around the paddock and check out the equipment and talk to the racers and their crews—you can even help them set up their tents and roll cars off trailers as you'll find our racers to be very friendly and appreciative of the help. You can also see some cars on the track Friday afternoon during the test sessions and ask questions about car set-ups.

Saturday and Sunday are races days and a modest admission price is required to enter the track, and an additional charge to get into the Paddock (current pricing can be found on the Tickets page). Saturday qualifying (and Sunday racing) starts at 10:00am. There are 6 (sometimes 7) different groupings of cars, and each group gets a 25 minute practice/qualifying session. Once these are completed, racing begins!

Each race group does a pace lap and a rolling start for a 10 lap race. After the last group takes the checkered flag, that's it for Saturday. Sunday it all starts again with another class race for each group and later a Feature race for each group as well. So with 6 groups each getting three races during the weekend, that's eighteen races!

How do I get started racing?

This turns out to be one of the most F asked Q's. There is more than one answer. Probably the quickest and easiest answer is to spend time at the track and ask questions. You'll find that 99% of the people associated with Waterford Hills are very friendly and helpful. But maybe you want more information right now... There's some more information on the How To page.

Do you race in the rain?

YES! We absolutely race in the rain. We've even raced a few times in the snow. Thunderstorms will interrupt the action, but short of that, we take to the track.

Are dogs allowed?

YES! Dogs are allowed, including in the paddock area. They do need to be leashed at all times, and we do expect you to clean up after your dog.