Driver School Schedule

The Competition Driving School is for individuals wishing to compete in "Wheel-to-Wheel" competition events sanctioned by Waterford Hills, the SCCA, and other sanctioning organizations*. Participation in the school requires a "race prepped" vehicle—please see general Vehicle Requirements below. If you do not have a race prepped vehicle, rentals are available from private individuals/teams. If you are not ready for wheel-to-wheel racing, don't have a racecar or can't afford a rental, you can participate in Open Track Days (OTD) to develop your high-speed driving skills. Please check the Waterford Hills Calendar for OTD availability.


Photo Highlights From Past Schools

Mark Windecker often shows up at Driver School, and he's published some great photo sets from the on-track days.

Class of 2021


In order to participate in the WHRRI Competition Driving School the below requirements must be met. Please note that this is a competition driving school. A fully prepped race vehicle is required (this minimally includes: a full approved roll cage, on-board fire suppression system, race approved 5-point harness, etc). Fully prepped race vehicles are availbe for rental from 3rd party sources. Rental rates span between $1,500 and $4,000 for the school weekend. If you are looking to run your street vehicle on track, please see the Calendar tab for Open Track Day options.

  • Student requirements
    • Age — The participating student must be 18 years or older at the time of the on-track session. A waiver must be pursued through the WHRRI Board of Directors for students 16 and 17 years of age at the time of the on-track Session. The waiver must be approved by the Board of Directors before the on-track sessions.
    • Medical — The participating student must provide a completed medical examination form prior to the on-track session. The form is available through the SCCA website. The physical exam must be completed within 3 months preceding the on-track event.
    • Safety Gear — All drivers are required to present personal safety gear, suit, shoes, gloves, and helmet, as required by the SCCA General Competition Rules "GCR" including a neck restraint device, for inspection to participate in all on-track events.
  • Vehicle requirements
    • Vehicle/Crew Preparation — Student must provide the vehicle to be used for the duration of the school. Preparation and maintenance of the vehicle is the responsibility of the student. Crew support at the time of the event is highly recommended and encouraged. The school will be held rain or shine and it is highly recommended rain tires are available for use during the school.
    • Vehicle Safety Equipment — All cars must meet all safety requirements as defined by the SCCA General Competition Rules for the particular type of car being used and will be inspected. Car numbers are required and must meet specifications as defined in the GCR. Rules relating to performance characteristics will not be scrutinized.
    • Mufflers — All vehicles must have a muffler installed in the exhaust system. All vehicles must meet noise restrictions as described in WHRRI supplemental regulations.
  • Novice Permits/Membership requirements
    • Novice Permit — In order to receive a Novice Permit (required for participation in sanctioned race events) upon successful completion of the school, membership in WHRRI or SCCA is required. The WHRRI driving school does not require membership with either WHRRI or SCCA for participation, but NO novice permits will be provided at the end of the school if membership was not completed prior to the start of the school. Novice permits can be applied for at a later date. Additional costs may be incurred.
    • WHRRI — Membership in Oakland County Sportsman Club, "OCSC", is required for membership in WHRRI. Details of WHRRI membership can be found on the WHRRI website. A WHRRI novice permit is presented to the student upon successful completion of the school. The cost of the WHRRI permit is included in the school registration fee.
    • SCCA — If applying for an SCCA Novice permit, membership in SCCA is required. Details of SCCA membership can be found on the SCCA website. An SCCA novice permit is presented to the student upon successful completion of the school. An additional cost is required for the SCCA Novice permit.
    • Both — A student may apply for a novice permit from both SCCA and WHRRI if desired. Membership requirements for both clubs are required. The additional SCCA novice permit fee is required.

* Midwest Council, NASA and most vintage organizations. Please contact desired organization to verify acceptance of WHRRI or SCCA license.